Hi.Hello. I'm Logan.

Web Developer & Graphic Designer based in Richmond, Virginia.

I have a passion for all aspects of digital arts, but web design and <code> hold a special place in my <3.

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Responsive, Web Design

About Me

I consider myself a binarily balanced, diversified designer and front-end renaissance man. A true "Devigner."

Realizing what my passion was early in my education, I won 1st place in SkillsUSA for my designs in my district and the state of Virginia in 2008. In a quest to expand my knowledge base, I used my free time to pursue freelance opportunities while obtaining my degree in Graphic Design.

After graduation, I procured a job working for Royall & Company, a Richmond based design firm specializing in direct marketing for universities and colleges. While there I conceived and implemented pages for prestigious educational institutions. Hailed by my superiors as a "reliable and exceptional web designer" that "consistently and proactively searched for ways to support the group" and improve the work that they did, I proved myself a “hybrid" of capability and ambition.

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